Welcome to Kyani Philippines Team!

Welcome to Kyani Philippines Team!

Kyäni means “strong medicine” and is a word that comes from a native Alaskan language. The story of Kyäni begins in Alaska where Kyäni Founders Dick and Gayle Powell came across the wild Alaskan blueberry which they discovered was also known as “Ky-äni”. While there they met a researcher who was studying an Alaskan tribe and was fascinated with the tribe’s wellbeing. The researcher noted that the tribe had no words for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other common diseases and was convinced that the nutritional richness of the tribe’s diet contributed to maintaining the tribe’s wellbeing in such a challenging environment.

The researcher noted that the tribe routinely consumed wild Alaskan blueberries as well as wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. Inspired to bring these key ingredients to others, the Powells shared their story with the Hansen and Taylor families, as these three founding families came together Kyäni was born. Today Kyäni is present in over 62 countries and has offices around the world. Offering four unique nutritional supplements Kyäni has an exceptional business model where satisfied customers are rewarded for sharing the products with others.

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Kyäni has an exceptional business model

In line with the vision of the founders, to bring wellbeing to people around the world and help them experience more, Kyäni has a unique business model that not only benefits the wellbeing of our customers, but also those who chose to work with Kyäni.

As a proud member of the direct selling industry Kyäni not only offers valuable nutritional supplements. The company also provides independent distributors with the opportunity to sell Kyäni products through their own business or Kyäni website. Kyäni bypasses many of the expensive overheads that are part of traditional retail and is able instead to invest in product quality and in rewarding its distributors. By purchasing products on this website or from your Kyäni distributor you are supporting entrepreneurship by helping them in their business.